SSC Math MCQ Suggestion 2018

SSC Math MCQ Suggestion 2018
MCQ questions help students increase mental skills. The MCQ of Mathematics plays a special role. Candidates have to face some problem because they have to answer soon. That’s why they have to give more time to mathematics. So we arranged MCQ math questions in a specific way. So that they can easily answer the test.  SSC Math MCQ Suggestion 2018 is the most effective for Secondary School Certificate Examinee 2018.

SSC Math MCQ Suggestion 2018 (General)

At present, the education board in Bangladesh has reduced the mark of 10 objective questions. This creates a little more importance in creative questions. Therefore, students should prepare in a way that can achieve a full mark. We prepared every MCQ questions with their academic syllabus.  
We was already arranged SSC Math MCQ Suggestion 2018 for their (Students) upcoming exam. We’ve got it in three parts. For example, arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Then we will discuss the whole questions by chapter-based creative questions. Along with this, we created creative questions by looking at all the boards. So that one question can be raised if they do a question. We think that if students can understand the figures, they will have a good creation in creative mathematics question.

Completed mathematics are divided into 4th categories. There are –

  • Section 1: Real Number, Set and Function (Have a creative from in the row).
  • Section 1: Algebraic Expressions (One question must be confirmed from here).
  • Section 3: Exponent and Logarithm, Finite Series (Maybe a question has included, if this type question didn’t previous exam).
  • Section 4: Equations with one variable, Simple Simultaneous Equation with two Variable and Algebraic Ration and Proportion, (Maybe a question will include from here).
  • Section 5: Trigonometry Ration, Distant and Height (One or two question must be included from here).
  • Section 6: Mensuration (One Question Must).
  • Section 7: Lines, Angles and Triangles, Practical Geometry, Circle (Two question in a row).
  • Section 8: Area Related Theorems and Contraction. (Maybe one question in a row). 
  • Section 9: Statistics (One question must be included in every exam).
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SSC Mathematics Suggestion 2018: MCQ
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