BKB Exam Math Solution MTO 2017

BKB Exam Math Solution MTO 2017

Bangladesh Krishi Bank Limited’s Recruitment Test for Management Trainee Officer -17 was held on February 17, 2017. There was 3 types of mathematics included on this BKB MTO 2017’s Examination. We have solution the 3 types of mathematics in a row. A candidates of bank jobs can see the solution and practices more perfectly. So, we present the mathematics for the candidates to know how to solve easily.

BKB Exam Math Solution MTO 2017

There had 3 types of math as Equation, GMAT Type Chart and Like Tricky. SO, we present every math solution with a comfortable Shortcut. We think, the candidate will like this solution. Because every solution makes easily by ours expert. Keep it and practice more.  See the pictures and think about it. See the math and solution: –

1. If Lalon loses 8 pounds, he will weigh twice as much as his sister. Together they now weigh 278 pounds. What is Lalon’s present weight, is pounds?
Ans. 188

2. Of 30 applicants for a job, 14 had at least 4 years’ experience, 18 had degrees, and 3 had less than 4 year experience and did not have a degree. How many of the applicants had at least 4 years’ experience and degree?
Ans. 5

3. Mushfiq is as tall as Mominul; Sakib is shorter than Tamim; Tamim taller than Mominul and Moshfiq is shorter than Sakib. Who is shortest ?
Ans. Mominul and Mushfiq are both shortest. 

BKB Exam Math Solution MTO 2017 1

BKB Exam Math Solution MTO 2017 2

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