About Us

Mathsuggestion.com is the education blog website for Bangladeshi students to improve their skill in Mathematics. There are about a dozen teachers in our team who research mathematics. Especially with creative mathematics, which is a big part of the education system at present Bangladesh. Moreover, our website can be fully free browsing facility.

Why did we create the site?

In 2008, without a prerequisite, without the priorities of the educational institutions, without the proper training of the teachers and the real aspects of intellectual and retention capacity of the grassroots students of the whole country, in the name of introducing a time-bound educational system, in the name of introducing creative methods, creative methods were introduced in the secondary level in Bangladesh. For this purpose, the notification was issued on 18 June 2007. In 2010, the first SSC examination was conducted in this method of Bangla and religion.  After the primary, secondary, and secondary level, most of the issues were brought under the creative approach. The government is particularly promoted from the Ministry of Education, the creative method of abstaining from the memorials of students, reducing guide books and coaching dependencies. And in reality the plan failed. In the subject of the mathematics the students are more backward. So we created the website (www.mathsuggestion.com) to eliminate the fears of creative maths of students only.

Why the creative question paper in the math?

The basic point of creative questioning is that a candidate only memories some information of textbooks (without knowing it, not understanding) in the test book, coming out of the situation. In the old test method (in the previous regulation) a student could only write 10-20 counting or understand the selected mathematics and memorize the answers. But now whether a student has done the math that has been understood, it will be examined. If a student is taught mathematics in relation to the environment around him, then that lesson will be joyful. If the education is pleasant, then the student will also remember it for a long time and easily understand the math. For this purpose, we have created mathsuggestion.com so that students can learn creative mathematics with joy in removing fear.

Our purpose:

Students are afraid of math because they cannot adapt to the new education system. Our mathematical suggestion-based website (www.mathsuggestion.com) aimed at keeping such fears in mind in creative mathematics. By combining creative mathematics in a specific way, it is easy to teach students the fun of math. Simultaneously, giving a math suggestion of considering their school exams can be a good result.
www.mathsuggestion.com is just founded on November in 2017 as a resource for students to improve skill at the Creative Mathematics according to Bangladesh Curriculum Education System.

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