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Math Solution of Southeast Bank TO Exam 2016

Math Solution of Southeast Bank TO Exam 2016

The exam of Southeast Bank Limited , the post of Trainee Officer (TO) was held on February 02, 2016. Today we show you how to solve Southeast Bank Exam Math Solution easily. We know that every private bank’s exam mathematics is simply hard to solve. So, we solved this exam math with easy shortcut for bank exam candidates. 

Math Solution of Southeast Bank TO Exam 2016

There had three types of mathematics of Southeast Bank TO Exam 2016. There are Profit – Loss & Discount, Speed & Distance and Geometry (Circle & Rectangle). The profit-loss & Discount math was so easy but something tricky. There was two types of math from Speed Math related. And Geometrical Math was circle between rectangle. At first see the question and try to do by yourself.
Question No. 01: If a merchant offers a discount of 30% on the list price, then he makes a loss of 16%, what percentage of profit or loss will the merchant make if sell at a discount of 10% of the list price? 
Ans. 8% profit.
Question No. 02: A train traveling at 100 km per hour overtakes motorbike travelling at a speed of 65 km per hours in 40 seconds. What is the length of the train in meters? 
Ans. 388.88m
Question No. 03: Four persons can complete a job in 8 days. After four days two persons have left the work. How many days would it take for the remaining persons to complete the work? 
Ans. 8
Question No. 04: In the following image, two equal circles are cut out of a rectangle of card of dimensions 16 by 8. The circles have the maximum diameter possible. What is the approximate area of the remaining after the circles have been cut out? 
Ans. 27.
Now see the pictures how did solve the math with shortcuts. And practices carefully with concentration. 
Math Solution of Southeast Bank TO Exam 2016 01

Math Solution of Southeast Bank TO Exam 2016 02

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